Where media meets art

Media and art, it is all connected

Media Art LLC is a media production company that understands the strong connection between technology and art! We are dedicated to telling visual stories through different mediums. In addition to narratives and documentaries, we also create quality multi-media products for broadcast, corporate, advertising, public-service, and individual-client applications for television, web and print as well. 

What we do

Narratives & Documentaries

Powerful stories in both fiction and nonfiction and sometimes in the fine line between the two.

TV & web videos

TV shows, commercials, music videos, public announcement & campaign videos.

Corporate videos

Promos, workshops, conferences, panels, news gatherings, interviews, events, testimonials.

"If you look at an image long enough, your mind goes to work"

“I never remember plots in movies. I remember how they make me feel, and I remember emotions and I remember visual things that I’ve seen, but my brain can never connect the dots of how things go together.” Paul Thomas Anderson