Here are some samples that we produced over the years.

News & events

White House Travel Bloggers Summit


The White House and Turkish Airlines partnered together for a Widen Your World in the Comfort of Turkish Airlines reception and dinner at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The event saw top travel bloggers from across the country come together and enjoy Turkish hospitality, while discussing a variety of subjects such as cross-cultural education, student travel and volunteering abroad.

Washington DC Nightlife at “CITIES”


As the son of legendary film producer (Yilmaz Duru) Seyhan Duru came to America as a student and to create his own identity. It didn’t take long for Washington DC to take notice of this exceptional talent. Today, Seyhan is a household name amongst students throughout Washington DC. This artist explains his road to becoming one of America’s top entertainers.

Cécile McLorin Salvant on Ertegun Jazz Series


French-American jazz singer Cécile McLorin Salvant performs at the Turkish Embassy Residence, as part of Ertegun Jazz Series, in December 2012. A special interview with three tunes: "I Cried For You", "Nobody" and "Love For Sale".

"Brothel" at the Capital Fringe Festival


"Brothel" is a new play written, directed and produced by Isa Seyran explores the question of what is at the deepest core of men and women, and endure callous betrayals are all given deft treatment by the playwright against the often seedy, sometimes elegant backdrop of the world's oldest profession.  

BROTHEL was performed part of the 10th Annual Capital Fringe Festival.

John Kerry meets Turkish foreign minister (News coverage)


Secretary of State John Kerry meets Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey at the Department of State on March 28, 2016

Amerika'daki Türkler sandık başında


ABD'de referandum için oy verme süreci başladı. Vatandaşlar 1-9 Nisan tarihleri arasında sabah 9'dan akşam 9'a kadar oylarını kullanabilecekler. Washington Büyükelçiliği'ndeki ilk gün oy kullanımından görüntüleri ve büyükelçi Serdar Kılıç'ın oyunu kullanmasının ardından yaptığı açıklamayı yayınlıyoruz.

1001 Inventions exhibition at the National Geographic


The award winning 1001 Inventions exhibit held at the National Geographic Museum reveals the ancient Muslim world’s groundbreaking contributions to the science and technology arena and how its influence extends into the present day. Program was produced for Turkish American Television.

"Voices from Turkic Lands" echoed in America


TURKSOY, established to promote Turkic culture, sponsored another noteworthy event in the US, coinciding with this year's Nevruz celebrations. "Yunus Emre Oratorio", composed by Ahmed Adnan Saygun, was staged first in New York and then in Washington DC in April 2012. The Oratorio's lyrics are based on the poems of 13th Century poet Yunus Emre, a Sufi mystic.  The TURKSOY Symphony Orchestra is composed of 80 distinguished musicians from Turkey and Turkic Lands. Conducted by the renowned Professor Rengim Gökmen and accompanied by Jonathan Griffith Singers from New York, the concert was performed in Turkish, mesmerizing the audience. In this program, TATV presents special interviews with Dussanbay Kassainov, General Director of TURKSOY; Firat Purtas, Deputy General Director of TURKSOY; and Jonathan Griffith, the chorus conductor.


Interview showcase reel


Corporate, news and documentary style interviews.


Dreams and Dragons


We have kicked a new mini documentary series off. In the first episode, artist Kathy Hana, will tell her story. Here are some frame grabs from today's shots! Stay tuned!

An Anatolian in America


A Turkish Folk Musician who worked for TRT (Turkish Radio Television Corporation) for long years, and an instructor that educated hundreds of students, came to the USA with hopes in his heart, and the Green Card in his pocket. While he was trying to survive in this new land, he also found himself as a cultural ambassador of his country. He met the Americans and people from various nations who are in love Turkish culture and Turkish Music, and the Turks who are not aware of their own culture!

Lubana Al Quntar, Syria’s First Opera Singer


A mini documentary about Lubana Al Quntar, Syria’s First Opera Singer and her story as a champion for the refugee cause, performing and in benefit concerts all over the US.

50 years of ATA-DC


Established half a century ago, American Turkish Association of Washington DC (ATA-DC) marks its anniversary with a documentary featuring its 50 years of service! It is the oldest Turkish organization in USA.   

Watch the excerpt from the first draft.

In memory of Prof. Dr. Erdal Inonu


A mini documentary on Prof. Dr. Erdal Inonu who was a very famous Turkish politician and scientist.

TV spots & promos

Turkish Coffee House USA tour promo spot


Gripin US tour TV psot


Turkish pop-rock band Gripin announces its first-ever US tour in December2012. Opening for Gripin is Twenty7, a Los Angeles-based ethnic rock band with Turkish roots. Gripin's US tour is set to promote their latest album,"Yalnızlığın Çaresini Bulmuşlar" (They Found the Cure for Loneliness) andwill take place in six cities across the United States.

Turkish Business Directory TV spot


A TV commercial to advertise this unique directory prepared by Creative Edge, a leading design company in Washington DC metropolitan area.

Corporate videos

The AAPS Journal Editor-in-Chief Ho-Leung Fung


The AAPS Journal Editor-in-Chief Ho-Leung Fung shares his ten tips for writing a successful manuscript for beginners. Download the slides and learn more about The AAPS Journal at

Castell Steel Doors: "Strong & beautiful"


"You are always safe behind Castell Doors"

Actual demonstration.

English Language Institute (ELI) at Notre Dame of Maryland University


The English Language Institute (ELI) offers an excellent program for everyone from around the world who wishes to improve his/her English language skills for academic and career advancement.

NT Recycling - corporate promo


In today's world, there is so much toxic waste being dumped into landfill that it may seem that there wasn't an approach to end this environmental hazard or smart way to rid away with your no longer used electronics. However, there is actually one safe and less toxic solution to this problem. Recycle Incorporated offers clients a way to get rid of hazardous materials in a way that is convenient and easily accessible, without posing a negative threat to the environment.

A Day in English Class at ELI


Students from different countries interacting with each other and teachers.

Mini web series

Meditation Garden


Our minds are like gardens. We’re constantly planting seeds in that garden and we’re responsible for its results. What kind of seeds do we want to plant in our garden? Are they going to be seeds of negative thinking, criticism or indifference or are they going to be seeds of spaciousness, compassion and attentiveness to the present moment? Have you recently looked at a plant or a flower? If you relax and rest your attention on it long enough, you can notice the stillness the flower resides in.

Concerts & musical events

Short drama

Tell Me A Story


Ali immigrated to America with big dreams. When Jessica met Ali, she had her own dreams. Eight years later, are they where they imagined to be or life washed them away to a totally different shore?